Lighthouse – January

Monthly Newsletter of Horeb Mar Thoma Church


Message from Rev. Larry Varghese, Vicar


Dearly Beloved in Christ,

And the one who was seated on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5

This new year is a fresh start for some, but for most it’s another week just like the last one. It’s easy to get caught up in the monotonous and mundane cycle of life. The Teacher, from Ecclesiastes, warns us about the repetitive cycle that our lives follow. Refer to Ecclesiastes 1:3-10 and see if this is a description of your life. We wake up, eat, go to school or work, eat, come home, study or work some more, eat, sleep, lather, rinse, repeat. The world is stuck in a rut and we succumb to it.

How are we as Christians any different? Our schedule may be similar to everyone else, but do we realize the uniqueness of life in Christ? God promised the Israelites who went through exile that he would be doing a new thing. “I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” – Isaiah 43:19. He started a new thing in the 5th century BC and in Revelation 21:5 he’s still at it. Christian hope is founded, in part, on this idea that God has the power to break us out of the vain, repetitious cycle and infuse our lives with newness. What is this newness? It’s forgiveness of sins. Being set free from the hold of destructive and unfruitful living, and having our mistakes and faults wiped away is a renewing experience. But I think it’s more than forgiveness of sins. It’s an upgrade in the character and quality of our beings. We are being conformed into the image of Christ. This is a life-long process of constant newness. This year, let us be the proof of Revelation 21:5’s truthfulness. Let us strive to be Christ-like in our character. Allow God to do a new thing in your life. Attend church more regularly, pray more often, forgive sooner, give bigger, read the Bible more thoughtfully, spend more quality time with family, work more diligently, rest more Biblically (even God took a break), fellowship more deeply, love more patiently, rejoice constantly, think more empathetically, live more sacrificially, act more humbly…. You get the point. May bless you in this new year so you would experience newness that only he can bring.

Rev. Larry Varghese.

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All Sundays – 1:30 pm

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All Sundays – 2:30 pm

Service Times

All Sundays – 3:00 pm

First Sunday               Holy Communion Service   (English)

Second Sunday          Holy Communion Service   (Malayalam)

Third Sunday              Holy Communion Service   (English)

Fourth Sunday            Holy Communion Service   (English)

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Monthly Meetings

Parish (Edavaka) Mission

Committee Meeting
January 21  – 8:30pm
Committee meeting will be held after the Tuesday evening Parish Mission meeting.
Meeting is held at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Koshy, Cerritos

Monthly Fasting and Prayer Meeting and Annual Meeting for 2013
Friday, January 31 @ 7:30pm
Held at the residence of Juby and Riya Mathew, Signal Hill
The annual meeting of year 2013 will also be conducted during this time. Report and accounts for Parish mission will be presented.

Tuesday Evening Meeting @ 7:00pm

1/7:    Mr. & Mrs. Isaac George
1/14:   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mammen
1/21:   Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Koshy 
1/28:   Mr. & Mrs. Saji Baby


Youth Fellowship

Bible Study
Friday, January 10, 6:45 pm

At the residence of Aidan Arasasingham


Sevika Sangham (Women’s Ministry)

Annual Meeting (for 2013)  
Saturday, January 18   –  10am
Held at the residence of Mrs. Thankamma Mammen.

Western Regional One Day Conference
Saturday, March 15   – 8am to 4pm
Hosted by Horeb MTC.


Young Family Fellowship

Saturday, January 25, 4:00 pm
At the residence of Anna & Philip Jacob
Yorba Linda