Lighthouse ~ December

Monthly Newsletter of Horeb Mar Thoma Church


Message from Rev. Larry Varghese, Vicar


Dearly Beloved in Christ,

It’s Christmas time again. The string lights have come out and the debate between “to tree or not to tree” has begun. It’s quite easy to be caught up in the commercial aspect of Christmas; the endless sales and bargains. We Christians aren’t immune to it. The danger with this advertisement driven holiday season is we shift our focus to the next latest and greatest thing on the market. As I look back I can remember certain decorations which were hung from my home parish’s church ceiling. I can even remember some of the Christmas songs our choir sang years back. The decorations and songs of course varied over the years. The message however has stayed the same. It seems especially the case in today’s society that “new” is preferred over “tried and true”. New car, new phone, new spouse…

There was a time when the message of Christmas was radically new. Well, that shouldn’t have been the case because there were numerous prophecies foretelling Jesus’s birth, and so the people of Israel should have been ready. But nonetheless, it was a wonderful surprise to the world. God, here on earth – what a bizarre concept. The Jewish idea of God over the course of their history became a progressively elevated one. When God, at the appointed time, sent his son into the world he was basically announcing “Hey, I’m not some far off and aloof figure. I’m right there with you. For every tough situation you’ve gone through, look I’ve gone through it too. Loneliness, physical pain, mental anguish, hardship, persecution, betrayal – you name it, I’ve experienced it (Hebrews 4:15). I’ve shared in your life (or more accurately lack of life); now share in my life (real, eternal life)!” Even though that same message is repeated every year from different angles it’s truth is so profound and life-altering that we dare not exchange it for an iPhone.

This advent season set apart some time and recall the Christmas message of hope and joy. Our church practices a 25 day lent from December 1-25th. Set aside something that you crave and shift that passion over towards reconnecting with Jesus. May God bless you this Christmas season. Wishing you a meaningful Christmas and a blessed New Year in advance.

Rev. Larry Varghese.

Worship Service

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December 1   — Visitation of Virgin Mar to Elizabeth
2:30p    Bible Study & Prayer
3:00p    Holy Communion ~ English

December 8   — Birth of John the Baptist
2:30p    Bible Study & Prayer
3:00p    Holy Communion ~ Malayalam

December 15   — Annunciation to Joseph
2:30p   Bible Study & Prayer
3:00p    Holy Communion ~ English

December 22   — Sunday Before Christmas
2:30p   Bible Study & Prayer
3:00p    Holy Communion ~ English

December 29  — Glorious appearance of Lord
2:30p   Bible Study & Prayer
3:00p    Holy Communion ~ English



Bible Lesson Readers & Deacons

News, Events & Monthly Meetings


Monthly Meetings

Youth Fellowship
Friday, December 13, 7:00pm
At the residence of Yasmeen Thomas

Parish (Edavaka) Mission Tuesday Evening Meeting, @ 7:00pm
12/3:     Mr. & Mrs. K.M. Chacko
12/10:   Mr. & Mrs. Benny Chacko
12/17:   Mr. & Mrs. Isaac George


Christmas Carol Rounds

Saturday, December 7

Areas: Cerritos, Norwalk, La Palma, Buena Park, Long Beach, Cypress, Los Angeles, Gardena, Carson

Saturday, December 14

Areas: Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Corona, Brea, Yorba Linda, Fullerton

Christmas Carol Service

Saturday, December 21, 5:30pm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Please join Horeb’s Christmas Carol Service in celebrating this joyous event of our Savior’s birth. Come listen to our fabulous choir along with programs from our Sunday School children and other church organizations.
(Dinner will be served at Acker Hall following the service)


Speaker: Mr. Jerome Mammen


Christmas Day Service

Wednesday, December 25, 6:00am

This is Horeb’s first Christmas day Holy Communion service. Service will be conducted in the Sanctuary early morning at 6am.


Watch Night Service

Tuesday, December 31, 6:00pm

Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Thirumeni will conduct the Holy Communion service.
Also, let’s uphold our first communicants in prayer as they make their faith affirmation to accept Christ and to part take in Eucharist.


Sunday School News

  • Our Sunday school children will be presenting a Nativity musical skit during Christmas Carol service on 12/21/2013.
  • There will be no Sunday school on 12/22/2013and 12/29/2013.