Lord of the Sabbath

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Sermon Notes

Larry_Achen_smlEncourage all of you to perhaps add to your family prayer prayer requests to pray for the office bearers the new year it takes a lot of hard work the previous year knows the years before that new and with fewer prayerful support it makes the task just that much easier site encourage you all to remember them in your present to pray for them regularly shall we turn our Bibles to Mark chapter 2 verses 23 to 28 Mark chapter 2 verses Mark chapter 2 verse 23 to 28 Sabbath Sabbath was a big deal for the Pharisees it may not seem like such a big deal for us now within some denominations it’s a very big deal have Seventh-day Adventists who are very adamant the seventh day of the week must be kept aside and this should be no work done on that date when we look at our church is a sometimes a have work on Sundays sometimes we don’t sometimes were busy and so we don’t have that same sense of of the of duty when it comes to observing the Sabbath that was there in the past Sabbath we all know it’s the data set apart by God in order to rest when we look at today’s lectionary love the lectionary links Sabbath with creation so it says that the on the seventh day of creation he rested from all the work that he had done is finished the that the reason that that idea that we always have and are mine that we look at the Pharisees by time there is a the it there this point in history for the Jewish people they were under Rollman oppression and it was their strong belief that they could do something to get out of this room and him oppression their different sects within the Jewish community some more zealots and zealots are the guys who would always a be packing heat they always have a knife on him or some weapon and they were always ready to fight one of the disciples was a zealot you know which one is Simon Simon the zealot Simon the zealot had a knife on him when they the the the people came to take Jesus away and what you do and nowhere comes a nice a which is in Simon’s Hannity the year of one trying to arrest that there was some groups that believe that we can start up a revolution we can revolt and we can bring about the will of God that way the Pharisees had a different approach they believe that the Torah was given to them and that was that shining light they believe themselves to be better than all other communities because they had to all no other community had a lot like they did and so they honestly believe with all their heart but if they were to fulfill the law of the very last letter that he would then please God and that he would then step down and he would control this oppression that is there and he would allow the and Israel nation to rise up again so was their deep desire to follow the law to the smallest detail know we look at the Old Testament is actually not a whole lot of specifics given when it talks about observing the Sabbath there’s a few specifics are given a you can’t you can light a fire for cooking that’s not allowed on the Sabbath you not allowed to gather fuels again gather sticks on the Sabbath that’s not allowed at all you can’t carry anyone loads or burdens do not allowed to do any kind of work in that sense not allowed to conduct any business transactions on the Sabbath that those were some of the the the basic I had stipulations that they had that they should follow what the Pharisees did is they took this is a one step further the to 1 mile further they said that okay you know what we should not work the should not be any sewing should not be any reaping so you know what if the grass if the grass is high enough and if it has seeds ready you are not allowed to walk over grass if you have a long cloak for there is a possibility that your cloak would brush seeds offer the grass and it would then be considered sewing that’s not allowed is another funny when you not allowed to wear false teeth on the Sabbath there that’s considered carrying a burden that’s not allowed see you imagine what that they would be like if service with all the scene there with those without the chief and how they would be singing overseeing the liturgy of the responses very meticulous with this and that’s how they believed this would salvation would come down with Stu this kind of the meticulous dedication to the law now of the things that the Pharisees came up with this is called oral tradition that I have the Scripture they have the law the written word and on top of that they articulated oral tradition Jesus very often just could care less about oral tradition oral tradition for him wasn’t something that he oriented his life around no one we read that he Jesus and his disciples were walking to the field plucking grains we should think that he was completely against the Sabbath either apply he says in Matthew’s Gospel a it says don’t think that I have come to abolish the law I came to fulfillment so this something about what Jesus is doing that’s fulfilling the law but completely violating the oral tradition at the strange concept for these facets understand because for them the oral tradition was soap you word it was just as pure as the Torah itself they really felt like their interpretation their understanding of the law was pristine and so when Jesus says a big deal this really really upset them will if now we understand that Jesus was not violating the Sabbath if he was really fulfilling the law only the Sabbath all about the where that we use all the time that it Saturday that Sunday but we always come to church on Sunday the seventh day of the week is Saturday the way the Sabbath so when we look at Exodus chapter 20 verses 8 to 10 is someone could read out loud Exodus chapter 20 verse 8 to 10 so she stopped for this right after verse 10 the when we hear those verses it’s it’s not exactly clear cut as to why do we do Sabbath he just says do it rest on the said seven they all nowadays you can work on the seven they rest know you read verse 11 okay so now the link here in Exodus stay with me now is the we would add on to this in Exodus chapter 20 we know we find out we learn that Sabbath is connected to creation so six days God is working and on the seventh day he rests with understand that we withdraw the term don’t get nervous but anthropomorphic anthropomorphic the terms are used when we are ascribing to an inanimate object humanlike characteristics I I say that the that paper looks quite lonely on the pianos laying there all by itself what I call the paper lonely that using anthropomorphism in the it says the piece of paper has no feelings but I’m ascribing to it humanlike qualities God quite often is described using anthropomorphic terms does God get tired can he get weary regardless of what you think the time duration was for this six day. In creating the universe it’s a big task but besides that the amount of time do think it’s possible for God to get tired do think it is necessary for him to take a day off is we can respond no Ananova by the inflection meant it was rhetorical or not he doesn’t need to read is a totally doesn’t need to rest so why does he why is that all-powerful God a self-sufficient God was doing it just by the word of his mouths is not even like he’s he’s moving his arms around again anthropomorphism but it’s not like he’s doing anything heavier lifting blocks he is saying it and him and on the seven they now he wants to take a break he wants to rest what does it teach it’s too easy to read the Scripture literally had just memorize okay six days seven they take a day off@that some the essence of it what if yes and seven why does God tell us seventh their want you all to take a rest I think it’s because he intended for the Sabbath to point towards the idea of his completed work he finished every thing on the six day in Hebrew seven is the number for perfection not 66 and the number of incompletion seven is perfection to he does all this work in any like to top it off I me to make the seventh day effortless don’t worry about anything I’ve done it all but this is what perfection looks like this is what completion should be and so he’s trying to teach us that there is coming something old Jewish people were listening and reading this passage back in the days he’s telling us that there’s going to be a day us seventh day what is going to complete everything and until that day comes I want you every week till remember that his work will be accomplished in his work will be finished and one day we will get the rest we will have peace so this is what the Old Testament pointed towards now you can undersea can start to see know what how far off the Pharisees were when their concern is for plucking grains and eating Jesus how did he viewed himself Jesus believed himself to be God’s completion date is this completed work when Christ was on the cross what is one of his last sayings it is finished is done so now when you takes the the emphasis is not on do the emphasis is now on done that’s the idea that’s being taught there and this isn’t something that was kind of forgotten this is something that even Paul taught a we just glanced over it with adoration the group went in Ephesians chapter 2 verse six is three different things that we learn that God has done with that one of the things that he has done his he has raised us up and he is seated us on I with Christ the imagery that we have of our standing or our position in relation to God is one of rests through Christ we now have this Sabbath rest this day that we’ve always been looking forward to this day that the Jewish people had been anticipating but they never quite got there the Jesus is saying I am the Lord of the Sabbath and so we now have this idea that in Christ we find our rest think that I can remember was Jewish is someone we were talking about this and ended came up that the this line that the intestines that our souls are restless until they find their rest in you we are longing for that Sabbath now that we know the Christ is the Sabbath when we believe in him when we trust in him him we put all of our lives into his hands we experience rest we no longer have to work for salvation we no longer have to do things that our parents told us to do just because if we didn’t do it God would be madness we don’t come the service because we think that if we do, Severs God will be more pleased with us we come down finished everything that needed to happen has happened Christ has paid the price Christ and so we rest of this is not only easy resting is not something where I’m not implying that okay so Sunday your your all very busy during the week I know that it all very busy then sometimes Saturday is your day to do many things and some that is very hectic to Sabbath does not mean to stay home and relax on Sunday that’s not what Sabbath is about now if you want to take it to the New Testament them to higher-level more so than resting this is about celebrating sour day of the Lord the day of the week that we have set aside is to remember the Sabbath but to remember that it is done it is finished he has accomplished it and so we celebrate we rejoice we praise God because he’s done it all for us cast your burden cast your cares on the him know you and I’m giving you the responsibility that I’ll figure out how this plays out in your lives out of get you started moving the right direction worship versus school exams on Monday what is our priority the big project is and at work is coming up on Monday or Tuesday I had among but now that satyr Sundays free what do I do with my Sabbath what do I do with that day of the Lord I leave that up to you the next idea that we find in the Sabbath is an idea that maybe we have a slightly missed I only noticed it when I went to seven NR OT professors taught it to us turn your Bibles to Deuteronomy chapter 5 verse 12 to 15 if someone could read those verses Deuteronomy 512 to 15 okay this is now another level of the meaning of Sabbath the before and even echoing door lectionary we link it primarily with creation now we find that in Deuteronomy is a disobedient notice this two times in our Bible we have the 10 Commandments listed one is in Exodus the other ones in Deuteronomy you think it may be exactly the same this subtle variations that give us new insight and so when we read Deuteronomy is a new angle that’s given to Sabbath so what’s the new angle take a day off give everyone else the day off let them relax don’t overwork people because remember you were once slaves yourselves you were once oppressed people in Egypt and you a God with a mighty and outstretched arm saved you he delivered you and therefore keep the Sabbath so now we have this not another dimension so before Sabbath is about the completed work about the grace of God that allows us to rests and not have to earn anymore he has done the earning he has done everything and so we rest on the Sabbath we rest in him be still and know that I’m God and the second time we take the Sabbath because it has reminded us of how he has delivered us and it’s not just that he has delivered us remember that he’s delivered to you so that you don’t oppress others I want you to take the Sabbath and keep the Sabbath all of your slaves are slaves who aren’t even Jewish who are probably not considered for everyone to be under the covenant most slaves were considered under the covenant the so for these people who are the other we will not up we will not pour on their heads more burden but we will lighten their load on the Sabbath day as a reminder to us as a pointer to us that one day there will, person who will completely lighten our load who will deliver us once and for all out of all the oppressions that we have this sin culture society this is the second element that we have now if the first angle of Sabbath is about resting and relying on him I would say that the second element of Sabbath says you have a part to play the piano mission as a father requote this too many times now you Philippians chapter 2 verse 11 and 12 work out your salvation how was work coyote work out your salvation with fear and trembling why how read it someone turned the that for it is the him and was yelling out Philippians 2 1112 verses. God who works in you with New Testament Philippians so work out your salvation with fear and trembling for it is the spirit of God refers God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose slightly reversed order from a we just learned so we line the grace aspect and then we learn the sanctification part of it when he gets a slightly it flipped around ceasing work out your salvation knowing that it’s by the grace of God you can do everything that you’re doing so now when we come back to this Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath and we follow the Lord of the Sabbath what does that mean for us today is it wrong for me to have a job that requires me to work on Sunday when he is with the wooded you think it might be a bit pharisaical aside the now made a rule as Christ did make a rule he asked you to look into the heart of what’s being presented to that’s I can’t tell you I can’t tell you whether it’s right or wrong to have worked on Sunday are not I can’t say it with you in your heart must be able to answer for Ms. toucans that’s fine I and I know many people who work on Sundays who have alternating Sundays idea is not about external qualities of the rule and children may get your Secom attention from one moment coming to church coming the church is not the end-all be-all and Christian life even though your parents tell you come to church every Sunday what they really mean when they say come to church every Sunday is come to church and learn as much as you can come to church and get a chance to worship come to church and actually grow in your faith son necessarily about the action of walking to the door and sitting here same with the parents for all the years of your pants up taught you this is how you need to be this is what you have to do not a all grownups catch yourselves if you’re doing the same thing that your parents are doing to you I’m not saying all parents were being ritualistic that’s not the case the catch yourselves to see I I myself have to catch myself doing these things at times that I leave it in your hands now because that’s where has to be worked out I’ve given you two ideas to think about to to ponder on the Christ that we follow is the Lord of the Sabbath in him we find our rest because he has made us righteous and him him we are delivered so that we can deliver others so we can convey that delivered stockers so many good Lord bless us talons us and strengthen us so that we may observe the Sabbath in new and meaningful ways.Larry_Achen_sml