In the beginning

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Sermon Notes

Good afternoon everyone. Roshan was telling me that the with the same force that I gave the announcement about Christmas I should’ve done it about Sunday so that more people would’ve seen the need to attempt. Instead of the main discouraged by it that I am I’m actually very thankful that you all found it within your hearts to realize what God has done for you and the need to come to church I pray that God would bless you abundantly and I pray that you would help me in reaching out to those families who don’t see the need of coming to church after any church event it’s a serious problem and it’s one we need to address as a church I is that sin cannot do it on my own people will only listen to me for short amount of time because it only known me for a short amount of time you’ve all live next to these families for many years you were witnessed your encouragement I believe is is as powerful as mine would be some asking you very humbly I need your help to make sure that we have more people attending each and every Sunday shall return to the Gospel of John chapter 1 verses one John’s gospel is by far my favorite gospel and I I really like Matthew Mark Luke and John the something very different about John’s the way that he writes it it it’s of a different level he has a different style he is a different angle different point of view when he writes whereas Matthew Mark and Luke they write from more the historical angle and they tell you the exact it offends John actually wrote this gospel much later it’s believe that around 90 to 100 A.D. is when this book was and down to this a lot of time for reflection is a lot of time for the words of Christ to develop into coherent thoughts within his heart and those thoughts are being now presented to us for our edification and we read this passage it’s sometimes easy to to gloss over the beauty that there just in that first verse in the beginning was the word diving in order to appreciate true genius we need to know a little bit of the background and member when we were growing up were in our elementary science classes we had heard in Einstein’s famous equation E = MC squared and him and we knew that Einstein is a genius and whatever that equation meant it was really something but it wasn’t until we went on to study physics and we learn about quantum mechanics only understood what this actually is quite impressive that something so profound could be is summated in this simple three variable equation and the beauty of that can only understood when we get a little bit of the background if we take a step back and retrace his steps so we should do the same for John one John says in the beginning was the word we the know what does the term word means the original years of John wrote to Greeks and he wrote to Jews that we look at the Greeks this term word in Greek logos logos meant something very significant him and the reason him and will him and logic and it was something that they all admire all Greeks looked up to this logos I was is reviewing a book that on philosophy if anyone is in the philosophy all recommend for you a fantastic book for cartoons looking at philosophy that will because of the cartoon pictures of May makes more sense to me a but it’s also pretty deep and so in that is this a character who I remember faintly studying about when I took my introduction to philosophy class years back Heraclitus advises known for us you philosophical ideas one of them is if you studied philosophy is you never step into the same river twice meaning no matter what as soon as you take your foot out and put it back in it’s not quite the same river it slightly different because the water is constantly flowing and so he had this idea change and change is always there and then he believe that there is some power beyond this change that’s able to direct and die each and every change so that it appears in a very logical and coherent way and he called that power logos later on in this just to give you a sense of the timeline this is really the he lived in 470 BC so around the time of prophet Nehemiah and as run when the Israelites are coming back after Babylonian captivity in the coming back to Jerusalem the want to rebuild the Temple you have a Greek who is coming up with these kinds of philosophical ideas of the logos this logos that governs everything that hides everything that somehow behind the scenes it’s not personal but still real later on Plato picked up on this idea Plato believed that logos is the basis for the notion of all laws of nature to he was under the assumption that because there is such a thing as logos this the reason this will this power when able to actually look and make sense of nature were able to understand with some sort of without any ambiguity and were able to understand and study what goes on around us because of logos you fast-forward to the time when this was written the philosophical the philosophers of the day would all say that God is the equivalent of God would be this logos everyone understood that at the time and so what John did it he said yes this logos this will this reasoning is logic that you speak of he was a a with God and he is God and it was very that part of it wasn’t so profound for the Greeks I would say because okay they understood this is an ultimate being but then when you get to verse 14 and he says that idea that you all aspired to know more about became flesh and lived among us and suddenly now the Greek years apart and now they’re little bit curious is the logic of this the of philosophical idea that we had focus so much attention on your saying it’s a person yes John’s millets take a sidestep and look at the Jews what was the Jewish understanding of this term logos will definitely when we read this book when it starts it starts out in the beginning in the beginning the way that it’s written in Greek is the exact translation of the Hebrew in the beginning that we find in Genesis in the beginning metal sheath and the Jewish people would have known it right away because I like us they name the books of the Bible according to the first words of the book so unlike our Genesis they called it in the beginning so they went immediately understood John is saying something very significant when he starts his book the exact same way that Genesis starts so the heat Hebrews by listening intently what you have to say John and he says in the beginning was the word with a know what this word is for them logos in Hebrew was the but how did God create the world when we look at Genesis chapter 1 he spoke he spoke forth let there be light and light came into being by the very word of his mouth he was able to create a for the Jewish people this guy Bob this logos was so important because this is the creative power of God this is the stuff that makes reality know why that’s so important for the Jew it’s so important for the Jew because when you look at their history this is something we don’t study enough when you look at their history a promise was given to Abraham his son finally makes it to the promised land and suddenly there’s a famine they migrate to Egypt and ever since then it went downhill the Egyptians enslaved them finally they get make their way back in they develop their own nation and the Philistines constantly harassing them then later on we have the Babylonians who come in and pull away the best and the brightest which is where we get Daniel and me shack and said I can Abednego those of the best and the brightest been taken away into Babylon and that really hurts the Jewish national sentiment after some time they were allowed to come back because the Persians had taken over in the Persians declared everyone goes back: Persians continued to dominate the scene finally has an empire started to wane then we have the Greeks then we have the Romans and that’s where we find ourselves now throughout the course of the history the was only a brief moment in time when they were free for them this.Bob was so important because they needed that creative power of God to bring about a restoration for them so when John was getting a gospel something new the good news and he starts out like Genesis and he says that creative power was with God and that creative power is God he then goes on to say in verse 14 that creative power that is able to bring light out of darkness became a human and him walk right next to you and you live and breathe just like you live in Greek it’s so beautiful when we look back even David understood this David and his Psalm 51 how does he expect a new heart to come about he says create in me a clean heart the word that he uses for create is the same word that’s used in Genesis it the kind of creating that only God can do David understood that what if not for the creative power of God and his life his heart would never be clean he would never experience grace of forgiveness and restoration the Hebrews long for that century after century of being under low-pressure and John tells them this good news that creative power is a lie that creative power preach to us in touch that healed us we’ve experienced in earnest the brilliance of John is that he is able to speak to two different cultures using that one word logos and he is able to explain to them that Christ is the one that you are looking for Paul later on did it when he was speaking in Athens on Mars Hill he said to the I looked around or sitting I see that you’re very religious people and you have a number of God is everywhere and there’s one God that you have it says the unknown God and I’m here to tell you that unknown God you do not know is Christ focus on him worship you Christmas is meant to remind us that Christ is the answer that we are searching for a we have to apply this passage to our context in order really get the fullness of it in those days it was really important to the Greeks that they understand logic and reason and it was really wouldn’t to the Jews that they experience that creative power what does this world needs today this is where we come into play this is where God has gifted us with the ability to think and we have to figure out what does this world desperately yearn for I would say yearns for love I was just reading an article that was posted on Facebook today in San people homeless people died because of cold in the richest part of this country in the Bay Area where is the love that this world seeks can we say like John can we be as humble was brilliant whichever way you want to save and say in the beginning was love that love that you seek after it was very the beginning with God it is God and that love came down to earth and his name is Jesus seek after him and you will find love and put it into another context piece how many people are looking for peace I’m not talking just about peace between governments piece in our homes these in the workplace can we tell people in the beginning was piece and pieces with God piece was God in that piece that you search for is Jesus Christ the beauty of Christmas is that we are reminded that he is this ultimate answer he is a thing that every heart searches for John put it in the context of the Greeks and the Jews it is our responsibility to put it in the context of this day and age there is a Scottish evangelist named Gypsy Smith the fund name he said that there are five Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John and you but most people will never read the first four Gospels can we be like John can we declare to the world what this world so desperately needs instead of coming for and I I don’t say this to criticize you because you all are here but to the to critique our church instead of coming for a service a Christmas Carol service and him and not showing up to thank and praise him on Sunday what does that say about what we are searching for if we have not found Christ and it makes sense that it’s the way it is now but if we have experienced him and I know we have if we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good then we must we must declare like John in new words for this culture to understand that what we seek came to us not in in any way that you would ever expect it in the lowest of the it came in a manger where there was no room for him and he grew just like anyone of us and he was tempted to psych anyone of us and out of love for us we went to the cross and died for us and because of his and that because of his giving up of himself for us we breeze we breathe not only physical ever we breathed spiritual life and that is what the world needs to know when the good Lord give us the courage that it takes for the good Lord give us the wisdom that it takes to be the fifth gospel that this world needs to hear some of the world could understand what is Christmas.