Biographies of our Church Leaders


Far too few christians know of their true heritage. They know very little about the men and women of faith who were obedient to the call of God. These men and women are heroes, Christain heroes, who laid down their lives and gave us the rich Christian heritage that we have today.

The purpose of this page is that we may learn about the life and faith of our Mar Thoma Church leaders of the past.


Abraham Mar Thoma Metropolitan (1880-1947)

According to Bishop Stephen Neil, Abraham Mar Thoma was the most Christ like person he has ever seen. He was the Metropolitan of Mar Thoma Church from 1944 to 1947.


Rt. Rev. Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa (1932-1988)

According to Rajeev Gandhi, Easow Thirumeni was a true evangelist of a rare caliber. He was our bishop from 1975 to 1988.


Abraham Malpan (1796-1845)

Abraham Malpan is the leader of the reformation movement in our Church.


Sadhu Kochoonju Upadesi (1883-1945)

Kochoonju Upadesi was one of the greatest evangelists / Hymn writers of our Church.


Mrs. Kandamma Varghese (1876-1964)

Mrs. Kandamma was one of the founding members of our Sevika Sanghom Movement.


Rev. Yusthus Joseph – Vidhuwan Kutty Achen (1835-1887)

Life story of a Priest who wrote 26 Hymns in the Kristeeya Keerththanangal (Hymnbook of the Mar Thoma Church.)


Puchamannil Mammen Upadesi (1868-1947)

An evangelist of our Church who performed miracles like the Prophet Elijah.


Rev. K.G. Oommen, Punalur (1901-1981)

Achen was one of the Co-founders of Punalur Boys Home (Orphanage).


Sister Chechamma Varkey (1915-1982)

Florence Nightingale of Sihora.


M.C. George Achen (Kuriannor Maliakal) (1874-1923)

Father of Most Rev Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan.


Rev. P. John Thomas, Ankola (1916-1990)

Achen was one of the co-founders of our Ankola Ashram in North Karnataka.


Kappiyaar Upadesi – Evangelist Yohannan Varughese, Kolanjikompil, Maramon (1848-1949)

Story of a village Evangelist who was used by God for the Glory of His Kingdom.


Leyamma (1911-1943)

The pioneer of Destitute Homes.


Life Story of Sister Aleyamma Varghese (1916-2003)

Story of an ordinary Central Travancore woman who did great things for the Lord in Sihora.


Chekottu Asan (1772-1856)

Poet and Writer of Christian Hymns.


Evangelist P.V. Varghese (Kochukunju Upadeshi) (1899-1986)

Life Story of a Voluntary Evangelist.


Very Rev. Iype Thoma Kathanar (1842-1917)

Life Story of Vicar General Kovoor Achen.