Sevika Sangham Day

South Area Mar Thoma Congregation of Orange County ( celebrates its first Sevika Sangham Day for the year 2012. All the activities including Sermon, Bible Readings, Offertory and obviously the dinner following the service was organized by the Sevika Sangham.. And of course, this happened to be celebrated with some of the traditional Onam festivities during dinner.

Sermon – Reformation Sunday

South Area Mar Thoma Congregation of Orange County ( celebrates Reformation Sunday for the year 2012. The sermon was delivered by Mr. Joshi John. The reformation movement was started to return to the gospel message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. It was a return to the purity of the life and practice of the early Church. The emphasis on preaching the word of God led to revival meetings, which were led both by the clergy and laymen

VBS 2012 – Adventures of Promise Island

South Area Mar Thoma Congregation of Orange County ( celebrates its first VBS for the year 2012. About 35 children participated and discovered God’s live saving love. To the Promise Island

Sunday School Graduation 2012

The first Sunday School Graduation Ceremony of the South Area Mar Thoma Congregation was held on June 24, 2012. We were honored to have Very Rev. George Zachariah to present the gifts to the children. Congratulations to all the children and thanks to the efforts of all the teachers and the administrators.


Sermon – Very Rev. George Zachariah Part I & II

Very Rev. George Zachariah during his very emphatic message and first visit to the South Area Mar Thoma Congregation referred to 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. He mentioned that the race which a Christian has to run requires a good Start, an Aim, an earnest desire. This can only be achieved by Discipline, Determination, Complete Surrender & Dependence on our Lord and Savior. Dated June 24, 2012

Father’s Day Pictures

Sermon – Father’s Day – Bro. Sibu Thomas

Evangelist Sibu Thomas who along with his wife Bini, have dedicated themselves towards the service of our Lord made a very fervent call to all the father’s to make God the priority in one’s family. He quoted the promise given by God to Abraham, to make him the father of many nations. Abraham believed in God’s promise, yet he did follow God’s will perfectly. And that is the lesson. God used Abraham despite his inherent flaws.

God is Dead || Spoken Word

This video is in response to the claims of the “New Atheism.” One that has been presented by the likes of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. One who holds faith is NOT irrational. Science and reason are not incompatible with faith in fact they complement each other very well because they come from the same source, God. We hope that this video touches the hearts of many people.

Lyricist: Fr. Claude (Dusty) Burns aka Fr. Pontifex

Mother’s Day Slide Show

SAMTC Group Picture

SAMC Group Picture – May 27, 2012