Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton Professes His Faith


Olympic Gold Medalist and Announcer Scott Hamilton Professes His Faith: ‘With Jesus, You Can Endure Anything’



From 1981 to 1984, figure skater Scott Hamilton never lost an amateur competition, with his crowning moment coming at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, where he won the gold medal. He eventually turned professional and created his own tour, now known as “Stars on Ice.”

The Toledo, Ohio native is currently announcing his seventh Winter Games at Sochi. He’s known for his passionate analysis that draws viewers into the emotion of the competition.

In addition to his renown in the skating world, Hamilton also made the public spotlight during a battle with testicular cancer in 1997, a bout from which he emerged healthy. He married his wife Tracie in 2002, and they had a son.

Health problems hounded Hamilton again in the form of a brain tumor he had had since birth. When he told Tracie about the tumor, her immediate response was to pray. And that’s when Hamilton gave everything to God.

In this video, he tells his story off the ice, how God walked with him in the darkest moments, and how he realized that a brain tumor was the greatest gift he had ever been given.

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By Jared Freeman