Lighthouse – May


Monthly Newsletter of Horeb Mar Thoma Church


Message from Rev. Larry Varghese, Vicar


Dearly Beloved in Christ,


Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…

There’s a stream of thought in popular Christianity that seems to simplify the Gospel by directing its focus primarily on the afterlife. There is a particular longing to leave this world behind and go to heaven. For them Christ came to show the exit door and so Christianity doesn’t care so much about the world and its betterment as it does about individual escape from this present world of evil and pain.

Jesus’ message wasn’t aimed at our spiritual retirement but towards a kingdom that is immediate and at hand. While some assume that he came as a flight steward, pointing to the emergency exits; in actuality he came as an architect establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth. So then the location of his kingdom is not found in the clouds or in the future. Instead it is found here and now. This feels unreal to us since all around us we find evil roaming unhindered. What part of this world looks like His kingdom? To explain this Jesus taught that the kingdom of Heaven looks like wheat – among which the enemy has planted weeds (Matthew 13:24-30). Geography and physical boundaries do not distinguish the kingdom. Instead it’s marked by those people and places where God’s will is done.

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done” is a petition for the manifestation of God’s kingdom here on earth, Now. This is also a reality check. If we are citizens of his kingdom then we to actively make his kingdom more and more visible here and now. Our recitation of this prayer means we must align ourselves with his kingdom initiative. We submit in the present reality of his reign over our lives and look forward to the full consummation of his reign over all creation once again.
Rev. Larry Varghese.

Worship Service

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Sunday School

All Sundays – 1:30 pm

Praise & Worship

All Sundays – 2:30 pm

Service Times

All Sundays – 3:00 pm

First Sunday Holy Communion Service (Malayalam)

Second Sunday Holy Communion Service (English)

Third Sunday Holy Communion Service (English)

Fourth Sunday Holy Communion Service (English)

Fifth Sunday Divine & Witnessing Service (English)
(when applicable)



Bible Lesson Readers & Deacons

News, Events & Monthly Meetings


Parish (Edavaka) Mission

Tuesday Evening Meeting @ 7:00pm

5/6: Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Philip
5/13: Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Koshy
5/20: Mr. & Mrs. Isaac George
5/27: TBD

Fasting and Prayer
Friday, May 23 at 7:30pm
Location TBD

Mother’s Day Celebration

Sunday, May 4

Metropolitan Thirumeni Visit

Sunday, May 11 @ 3pm

Our Metropolitan Thirumeni will be conducting the Holy Communion service and also administer the First Communion to our participating Sunday School Student.

Area Prayer Meeting

Saturday, May 17  * 10 am

Acker Hall, GGUMC.

General Body Meeting

Sunday, May 18

HorebMTC general body meeting will be held immediately after the service.

Sunday School

Sunday School Baking Program
Saturday, May 10th

At members home.

Sunday School Bake Sale
Sunday, May 11th


Sunday School Diocesan Exam
Sunday, May 4th * 8:30am
AT GGUMC, Room 20

Last Day of Sunday School for 2013-2014 Year.
Sunday, May 25th

Sevika Sangham (Women’s Ministry)

Monthly Meeting

Friday, May 2nd – 7pm
At the residence of Mrs. Ann George

Young Family Fellowsip

Monthly Meeting
Saturday, May 31
At Carbon Canyon Regional Park, Brea

Youth Fellowship

Bible Study
Sunday, May 25
Location: GGUMC after service


Birthday and Wedding Anniversary