Lighthouse – June


Monthly Newsletter of Horeb Mar Thoma Church


Message from Rev. Larry Varghese, Vicar


Dearly Beloved in Christ,


Give us this day our daily bread…

When we were living in Othera, Kerala we were lucky to live close by a family that raised a cow from which we would get fresh milk each day. Our day basically wouldn’t start until we got the milk for that day since we both needed it in our coffee to function. The milk was as fresh as can possibly be. It came to us slightly warm even. The only catch was we got enough for only one day’s worth.

The prayer taught to us by Christ has us asking for our daily bread. Christ is trying to get us to acknowledge God as our provider. When, in India, we only received our daily supply of milk it made us aware of our dependence on our milk man. Similarly, our realization of God’s providence is only possible when we aren’t taking for granted his daily provisions for us. Give us this day our daily bread doesn’t mean that we only have one day’s worth of food in our homes. It doesn’t mean that we stop acting responsibly in preparing and providing for our families for the future. But it is a reminder to us that we are not independent of God’s provident hand. We are not hording for ourselves in order to survive a time in which God might forget us and when we will truly be on our own. We are not to be like the rich, yet foolish man, whom Jesus says built for himself a new storage house for his crops and proclaims, “And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry.” (Luke 12:19)

The Lord’s Prayer is to be a reality check for us. When we receive God’s abundant blessing there might be a tendency to think we have all we need for days, months, and maybe years to come; and therefore let’s live how we want to. Asking God, and moreover, teaching our hearts to ask him for daily provisions is a way to keep pride at bay and give him all the glory he deserves. Asking for God’s daily bread is humbling but it is to be a constant reminder that he alone meets all our needs
Rev. Larry Varghese.

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6/3: Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Thomas
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