Horeb Mar Thoma Church Lectionary

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
1/6/2019Denaho: Baptism of Jesus ­ Epiphany Solidarity to the CreationIsa 56:1-8Rev 7:9-17Rom 6:1-11Mark 1:1-11
1/13/2019Fruitful Life (Temperance Sunday)Deut 7:1-11Eph 5:15-211Pet 1:13-­19Luke 6:43-­45
1/20/2019Church as one body (Ecumenical Sunday)Deut 4:1-­101Cor 1:10-­18Eph 3:1-7John 15:1-12
1/27/2019Bear fruit worthy of RepentanceIsa 5:1-7Rev 3:14-22Gal 5:16-26Luke 3:1-14
2/3/2019Perfect Healing that Christ gives (Medical Mission Sunday2 Kings 5:1-14Acts 3:1-10Rom 5:16-26Mark 5:1-15
2/10/2019Community that has to be prepared for the Word of GodDeut 31:9-13Acts 16:19-34Rom 1:8-17Luke 8:9-15
2/17/2019Creation that reveals God’s GloryGen 2:1-92 Thess. 1:1-12Col 1:26-29Matt 6:25-30
2/24/2019Fall of CreationGen 11:1-9Eph 2:1-10Rom 8:18-25Luke 10:10-16
3/3/2019Perthutho ­ Beginning of Great Lent -Lent: Time of RedemptionIsa 58:1-­14Rom 2:1­-102Cor 5:16-­21John 2:1­-11
3/10/2019Christ’s Presence with the outcastEsth 4:1­-17Acts 15:6­-21Rom 15:7­-13Mark 1:40­-45
3/17/2019Release from the Burden of Sin 2Sam 12:1­-14Acts 8:9-­17Gal 3:10­-14Mark 2:1­-12
3/24/2019Faith expression of the MarginalisedIsa 45:1-­8Acts 10:24­-331Cor 1:20­-25Matt 15:21­-28
3/31/2019Transforming the oppressive structuresNah 1:1-­15Acts 16:25­-34Acts 4:32­-37Luke 13:10-­17
4/7/2019Cross a Model to Discipleship Gen 26:12-332Chr 11:20-312Cor 1:3-11Mark 10:46-52
4/14/2019Hosana: Lord Save Us (Palm Sunday)Zech 9:1-121Tim 4:6-16Heb 5:5-10Luke 19:28-30
4/21/2019Kemta: Easter ­ Celebration of ResurrectionGen 23:1-19Col 3:1-111Thess 4:13-18Matt 28:1-10
4/28/2019New Sunday ‘Proclamation of the Faith of the Church’Gen 28:10-22Acts 20:7-121Thess 1:2-10John 20:24-29
5/5/2019Resurrection Experience that Gives Hope, ­ Metropolitan FundLev 25:1-17Acts 7:54-60Gal 4:1-7Matt 28:16-20
5/12/2019Restoring Lord Ezek 36:24-36Rom 8:12-17Acts 1:12-14John 21:1-14
5/19/2019Commission by the Risen LordJer 1:1-101Tim 4:6-162Tim 2:1-8John 21:15-19
5/26/2019Lord Worthy of Adoration- DSMC SundayExod 15:1-18Rev 7:9-12Phil 2:1-11Luke 10:21-24
6/2/2019‘Students’ Sunday ­ Grown in the wisdom of God1Kgs 3:3-141Cor 1:18-251John 5:18-21Luke 2:41-52
6/9/2019Feast of Pentecost­“Come Holy Spirit Transform the Creation” – Environmental SundayIsa 61:1-11Acts 2:1-13Rom 8:26-30John 16:6-16
6/16/2019Trinity Sunday ­ Beginning of the Fast of the Apostles-Calling and Commissioning of the ApostlesJer 1:1-12Heb 10:32-391Cor 12:27-31Matt 28:16-20
6/23/2019‘Apostolic Church’ 1Kgs 19:15-21Rom 15:22-29Rom 12:3-8Matt 16:13-20
6/30/2019‘People of God ­ Flock of ChristGen 35:1-71Pet 5:1-111John 4:1-6John 10:1-6
7/7/2019“Giving without Counting the Cost” ­ (Tithe Offering Sunday) Mal 3:7-12Phil 4:10-20Heb 2:1-4Luke 21:1-4
7/14/2019“Priests: Called to face shame for Christ’s sake” Exod 29:1-21Eph 5:1-142Cor 11:23-31Luke 10:1-11
7/21/2019Theological Education that forms the Faith Community Josh 4:1-91Cor 10:1-111Tim 6:11-16Matt 13:1-9
7/28/2019Holy Matrimony: To be established in FaithfullnessHos 2:16-23Eph 5:20-33Heb 13:1-6Matt 19:1-6
8/4/2019Mission from Everyone to Everywhere Mission Sunday1Kgs 17:1-15Jude 1:17-25Gal 2:1-10Matt 22:1-14
8/11/2019Holy Baptism: Born from AboveGen 8:1-14Col 3:1-111Pet 3:16-22John 3:1-8
8/18/2019Reformation Day ­ Authority of the Word of GodExod 7:1-72Tim 3:10-17Gal 1:1-6Matt 5:17-20
8/25/2019Holy Qurbana: Celebration of SalvationExod 12:1-141Cor 11:23-331Cor 10:15-17Luke 22:7-20
9/1/2019Teachers: To be filled with Divine Wisdom (Education Sunday)Neh 8:1-8Acts 18:24-28Jas 3:13-18Luke 4:16-22
9/8/2019Women: Equal participation in the Ministry of the Kingdom of God -Sevika SanghomJudg 4:4-16Rom 4:1-7Phil 4:1-7Mark 14:3-9
9/15/2019Honoring the Elder Generation ­ Senior Citizens DayGen 48:8-22Phlm 1:8-222Tim 1:3-14Luke 2:25-38
9/22/2019Confession: The Sacrament of forgiveness of SinJer 4:1-141John 1:1-101Pet 1:13-22Luke 19:1-10
9/29/2019Anointing the Sick: Sacrament of Healing2Kgs 20:1-11Rev 22:1-5Jas 5:13-20Mark 6:7-13
10/6/2019Priesthood of the Believers (Voluntary Evangelist’s Day)Isa 6:1-111Pet 2:1-102Cor 12:1-10Mark 3:1-6
10/13/2019Solidarity with differently abled (Day for the differently abled)2Sam 9:1-13Acts 9:32-352Cor 12:1-10Mark 3:1-6
10/20/2019Youth: God’s expectation ­ Youth SundayDan 1:1-15Acts 6:1-7Titus 2:1-14Mark 10:17-22
10/27/2019Family: Place for faith formation ­ Family Dedication Day1Sam 1:19-28Eph 3:14-21Eph 6:1-9Luke 2:41-52
11/3/2019Kudosh Eetho-Sanctification of the Church ­ Beginning of the Liturgical Year;Children: Expectation of God ­ World Sunday School DayJudg 13:1-14Heb 11:17-271John 3:1-10Luke 18:15-17
11/10/2019Hudos Eetho-­Renewal of the Festival of Unity of Communion of Churches in India-CCI( CSI, CNI, MTC) “Called to Unite”Ezek 37:15-231Cor 12:12-27Eph 4:1-13John 17:21-26
11/17/2019Annunciation to Zechariah1Chr 24:1-19Rev 8:1-5Heb 5:1-10Luke 1:5-23
11/24/2019Annunciation to Virgin MaryExod 3:1-15Acts 9:1-15Heb 2:5-10Luke 1:26-38
12/1/2019Beginning of 25 Days Lent-Visitation of Virgin Mary to Elizabeth, Sharing of Good News (Bible Sunday)Isa 40:1-8Jas 1:19-251Thess 1:1-10Luke 1:39-45
12/8/2019Birth of John the Baptist1Kgs 19:1-21Rev 10:1-11Gal 1:11-17Luke 1:57-66
12/15/2019Annunciation to JosephIsa 7:10-171Pet 3:8-16Titus 2:11-15Matt 1:18-23
12/22/2019Sunday before Christmas ­ “Our Lord Comes”Isa 11:1-101John 4:7-21Rom 1:8-17John 1:1-14
12/29/2019Christ the Hope of GloryZech 14:1-5Acts 1:6-111Thess 4:13-18Matt 24:32-44