Church Retreat 2015 Promo – Camp Wrightwood

The Horeb Mar Thoma Church is planning for the annual retreat for the year 2015 at Camp Wrightwood located at Wrightwood, CA from Sept 4-6 during the labor day weekend. Our main speaker for this year is Rev. Baiju Markose who is currently doing his PhD at Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago. The theme for this year is “Faith-ing Everyday: Reading Signs of our Time” based on Matthew 16:3. Achen will look at how we apply faith everyday in the context of today’s contemporary issues like culture of anxiety, busyness, consumption, media, etc.

Encourage all our members to Sign Up Here. We are looking forward to not just having a time to meditate over the Word of God and seclude ourselves from our busy schedules, but we would have other fun activities such as Archery, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball and of course our own time around the Fire-Ring. There would be special events for the kids also.

A promotional trailer video is provided here:

The man who invented the Jump Shot in basketball

Kenny Sailors is credited with inventing “the jump shot” in basketball. Till then it was a two-handed shot. He won an NCAA championship, and he played in the NBA. He was married to his sweetheart for sixty years. And yet there is one thing that has been the most satisfying thing to him in all his life.

See the video and find out.

Something More

One man’s life changed the course of history for billions of people across the globe. He is both revered and reviled, famed and feared and you know who he is without a single mention of his name.


Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton Professes His Faith


Olympic Gold Medalist and Announcer Scott Hamilton Professes His Faith: ‘With Jesus, You Can Endure Anything’



From 1981 to 1984, figure skater Scott Hamilton never lost an amateur competition, with his crowning moment coming at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, where he won the gold medal. He eventually turned professional and created his own tour, now known as “Stars on Ice.”

The Toledo, Ohio native is currently announcing his seventh Winter Games at Sochi. He’s known for his passionate analysis that draws viewers into the emotion of the competition.

In addition to his renown in the skating world, Hamilton also made the public spotlight during a battle with testicular cancer in 1997, a bout from which he emerged healthy. He married his wife Tracie in 2002, and they had a son.

Health problems hounded Hamilton again in the form of a brain tumor he had had since birth. When he told Tracie about the tumor, her immediate response was to pray. And that’s when Hamilton gave everything to God.

In this video, he tells his story off the ice, how God walked with him in the darkest moments, and how he realized that a brain tumor was the greatest gift he had ever been given.

As the Sochi Winter Olympics unfold, SHARE the inspiring story of Scott Hamilton’s journey to faith!

By Jared Freeman

Bible: Best Selling Book in China

In 1979, the Chinese government allowed the state-sanctioned churches to assemble, worship and print materials. The Bible has become prevalent in China, thanks to prolific Bible printer Amity Press, and the state no longer forbids citizens from owning an Amity-printed Bible. However, you can only buy the Bible from state churches and bookstores, which may be few and far between for Christians in rural areas.

Organizations like United Bible Societies and Bibles for China are working to get the Bible to the millions of poor Chinese Christians. See the work of UBS in the video below.

Brad Dowling’s Testimony

Inspiring Story of a Severely Disfigured Man Who Won’t Stop Serving the Lord:

‘If God’s Called You to Do Something, Then Do It’

Dowling suffers from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes thousands of tumors to grow on nerve tissue, sometimes internally, others times on the skin where they result in severe disfigurement. In November 2013, Pope Francis kissed a man who suffered neurofibromatosis whose face was covered in boils.

Young Man Battles Cancer With A Smile

Nick Magnotti is a 27 year old new father who has been battling cancer for over 2 years. (Read More Below)

The cancer originated in his Appendix and has spread throughout his abdominal cavity, despite many efforts to curb the cancer’s aggressive nature. Through all the treatments, multiple surgeries, intense heated intra-peritoneal chemotherapy treatments, seventeen rounds of systemic chemo and countless hours of excruciating pain – he continues to smile. Though doctors can no longer help him, the word he uses to describe how he feels now, is, blessed. Find out more about this young man and his journey at

Nick’s official Diagnosis: Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix with Signet Ring Cell, Poorly Differentiated, Stage 4. Prognosis: Already on borrowed time.

UPDATE January 7th, 2014: Nick went home to be with Jesus, he is healed, he is at peace and he is smiling his beautiful smile. I am CERTAIN of it! Proverbs 3:5-6

Cody’s Story


Power of the Gospel at work in India

Light in the Darkness
A documentary film featuring real people and stories from the country of India. Conflict over religion extends to every culture and country on the globe today, and India is no exception. This documentary presents an amazing mission field where God is doing a great work; lives are being changed, and churches are being planted.

Stories of God’s Grace: Meet Derrick


It’s always amazing to see the Lord at work redeeming and sanctifying a people for Himself.
Please see this short clip of the power of God’s grace in the life of Derrick.

“Nobody knows more than me that I have absolutely no right to be such a recipient of such grace.” —Derrick